Cecil Ercell Harless

     Cecil Ercell Harless married Willie White Marlow.

Child of Cecil Ercell Harless and Willie White Marlow

Willie White Marlow

     Willie White Marlow married Cecil Ercell Harless.

Child of Willie White Marlow and Cecil Ercell Harless

John Victor Harless

b. 16 December 1979
     John Victor Harless was born on 16 December 1979 in Bowie County, Texas. He is the son of Mark Garland Harless and Deborah Ann Hinds.

Kathleen Wright

b. 19 December 1926, d. 31 July 2010
     Kathleen Wright was born on 19 December 1926 in Lindale. She was the daughter of Hiram Wright and Eppie Oglesby. Kathleen Hinds married Jack Georaldean Harless, son of J. B. Harless and Faye Mildred King, 18 February 1948 in Smith County, Texas.

     Kathleen Wright died 31 July 2010 in Henderson, Rusk County, Texas.

Child of Kathleen Wright and Jack Georaldean Harless

Norbert B. Harless

b. 30 December 1955
     Norbert B. Harless was born on 30 December 1955 in Karnes County, Texas. He is the son of Norbert Walter Harless and Ruby Fay Belcher.

Joseph Daniel Harless

b. 20 January 1980
     Joseph Daniel Harless was born on 20 January 1980 in Potter County, Texas. He is the son of Billy Dan Harless and Barbara Jo Hulsey. Joseph Daniel Harless married Angelique Marie Aragon, daughter of Salomon Joe Aragon and Juanita Bernice Montoya, 8 July 2000 in Dallas County, Texas. Joseph Daniel Harless married Kelly R. Kitts 5 May 2007 in Travis County, Texas.

Joseph Patrick Finnegan Harless

b. 15 December 1980
     Joseph Patrick Finnegan Harless was born on 15 December 1980 in Harris County, Texas. He is the son of Joseph Claude Harless and Mary Arlene Finnegan. Joseph Patrick Finnegan Harless married Melina M. (?).

Joshua Daniel Harless

b. 2 December 1982
     Joshua Daniel Harless was born on 2 December 1982 in Dallas County, Texas. He is the son of Harold Hugh Harless and Cynthia A. Gordon. Joshua Daniel Harless married Melinda K. Fanning 25 July 2008 in Denton County, Texas.

Joshua Derrick Harless

b. 19 March 1985
     Joshua Derrick Harless was born on 19 March 1985 in Hunt County, Texas. He is the son of Terry Marvin Harless and Jean Arlene Teague.

Joshua Lee Harless

b. 9 July 1984
     Joshua Lee Harless was born on 9 July 1984 in Tarrant County, Texas. He is the son of Wilbert Quintin Harless and Alice Jean Billups.