Wilbert Quintin Harless

     Wilbert Quintin Harless married Alice Jean Billups.

Child of Wilbert Quintin Harless and Alice Jean Billups

Alice Jean Billups

     Alice Jean Billups married Wilbert Quintin Harless.

Child of Alice Jean Billups and Wilbert Quintin Harless

Lovedia Tipton

     Lovedia Tipton married Alton Byron Harless, son of Oliver Dolin Harless and Josephine Rebecca Leggett.

Child of Lovedia Tipton and Alton Byron Harless

Justin Tyler Harless

b. 6 August 1996
     Justin Tyler Harless was born on 6 August 1996 in Guadalupe County, Texas. He is the son of James Jeffery Harless and Tonya Renae Davis.

Kameron Kle Harless

b. 20 November 1990
     Kameron Kle Harless was born on 20 November 1990 in Nueces County, Texas. He is the son of Kle Olan Harless and Darlene Glick.

Kameron Lee Harless

b. 21 January 1987
     Kameron Lee Harless was born on 21 January 1987 in Taylor County, Texas. He is the son of Gary Weldon Harless and Mary Frances Jordan. Kameron Lee Harless married Angela Lee Haunschild 7 June 2011 in Lubbock County, Texas.

Kari Dalene Harless

b. 1 May 1977
     Kari Dalene Harless was born on 1 May 1977 in Randall County, Texas. She is the daughter of Billy Dan Harless and Barbara Jo Hulsey. Kari Dalene Harless married Roy Travis Knight.

Children of Kari Dalene Harless and Roy Travis Knight

Kayla Jeanine Harless

b. 21 April 1988
     Kayla Jeanine Harless was born on 21 April 1988 in Harris County, Texas. She is the daughter of James Wayne Harless and Paula Jeane Sewell.

Kevin Dean Harless

     Kevin Dean Harless married Rebecca Lee Chabot.

Children of Kevin Dean Harless and Rebecca Lee Chabot

Rebecca Lee Chabot

     Rebecca Lee Chabot married Kevin Dean Harless.

Children of Rebecca Lee Chabot and Kevin Dean Harless