George Lucy Sr

     George Lucy Sr married Isabell Ball.

Child of George Lucy Sr and Isabell Ball

Bretta Michele Harless

b. 11 August 1997
     Bretta Michele Harless was born on 11 August 1997 in Galesburg, Illinois. She is the daughter of Eric Matthew Harless and Mindi Michele Martz.

Segunda Carpio Lanting

b. circa 1951
     Segunda Carpio Lanting was born circa 1951. She married Johnnie Ray Harless, son of James Monroe Harless and Francis Marie Bradley.

Children of Segunda Carpio Lanting and Johnnie Ray Harless

Dallas Wade Harless

b. 14 January 1986
     Dallas Wade Harless was born on 14 January 1986 in Potter County, Texas. He is the son of James Henry Rhea Harless and Lori Lee Root. Dallas Wade Harless married Jaicy (?).

Daniel Mark Harless

b. 9 September 1982
     Daniel Mark Harless was born on 9 September 1982 in Bowie County, Texas. He is the son of Mark Garland Harless and Deborah Ann Hinds.

Mark Garland Harless

b. October 1958
     Mark Garland Harless was born in October 1958. He married Deborah Ann Hinds.

Children of Mark Garland Harless and Deborah Ann Hinds

Deborah Ann Hinds

b. July 1959
     Deborah Ann Hinds was born in July 1959. She married Mark Garland Harless.

Children of Deborah Ann Hinds and Mark Garland Harless

Daniel Shane Harless

b. 27 June 1972
     Daniel Shane Harless was born on 27 June 1972 in Pecos County, Texas. He is the son of Norman Duane Harless and Sharon Elizabeth Horton.

Child of Daniel Shane Harless

Joyce Marie Lacefield

d. 12 March 2014
     Joyce Marie Lacefield married Vernon Odell Harless, son of George Washington Harless Jr. and Pearl Edith Smith.

     Joyce Marie Lacefield died 12 March 2014 in Texarkana, Miller County, Arkansas.

Children of Joyce Marie Lacefield and Vernon Odell Harless

Deborah Suzan Harless

b. 2 October 1954, d. 18 April 2014
     Deborah Suzan Harless was born on 2 October 1954 in Wichita County, Texas. She was the daughter of Bobby Lee Harless and Shirley Ann Buckley. Deborah Suzan Harless married (?) Coiner. Deborah Suzan Harless married (?) Townsend. Deborah Suzan Harless married Clarence Glenn Whitlow Jr 3 January 2011 in Giles County, Virginia.

     Deborah Suzan Harless died 18 April 2014 in Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia.

Child of Deborah Suzan Harless and (?) Coiner

Children of Deborah Suzan Harless and (?) Townsend