Raymond A. Epling

b. circa 1914
     Raymond A. Epling was born circa 1914 in West Virginia. He is the son of Eustace Homer Epling.

George Washington Garrison

     George Washington Garrison married Sarah Ann Mills.

Child of George Washington Garrison and Sarah Ann Mills

Sarah Ann Mills

     Sarah Ann Mills married George Washington Garrison. Sarah Ann Mills married Jasper Newton Brothers 3 September 1898.

Child of Sarah Ann Mills and George Washington Garrison

Joseph L. Feehan

b. 6 January 1886, d. 28 December 1961
     Joseph L. Feehan was born on 6 January 1886 in Illinois. He was the son of James Feehan and Mary Quigley. Joseph L. Feehan married Willa Hazel Harless, daughter of William H. Harless and Laura Belle Garrison, 3 October 1923 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa.

     Joseph L. Feehan died 28 December 1961 in Sacremento County, California.

Harry Harless

     Harry Harless married Annie Brumfield.

Annie Brumfield

     Annie Brumfield married Harry Harless.

Joseph M. Curran

     Joseph M. Curran married Yevonne Sue Harless, daughter of Harry Harless and Annie Brumfield.

James P. Curran

     James P. Curran is the son of Joseph M. Curran and Yevonne Sue Harless.

Jane Ann Curran

     Jane Ann Curran is the daughter of Joseph M. Curran and Yevonne Sue Harless.