Emma Mae Coulter

b. circa 1880
     Emma Mae Coulter was born circa 1880 in Missouri. She married Thomas Augusta Hosey, son of James McCullough Hosey and Sarah Ann Harless, circa 1906.

Children of Emma Mae Coulter and Thomas Augusta Hosey

Chad A. Kreps

b. circa 1961
     Chad A. Kreps was born circa 1961. He married Deborah Harless 11 March 1995 in Tarrant County, Texas.

Deborah Harless

b. circa 1962
     Deborah Harless was born circa 1962. She married Chad A. Kreps 11 March 1995 in Tarrant County, Texas.

Wesley C. Pope

b. circa 1957
     Wesley C. Pope was born circa 1957. He married Vicki Lynn Harless, daughter of Leslie Glynn Harless and Peggy Lou Cooper, 1 June 1995 in Rains County, Texas.

Yevonne Sue Harless

b. 18 March 1939, d. 27 December 2005
     Yevonne Sue Harless was born on 18 March 1939 in Dartmont, Boone County, West Virginia. She was the daughter of Harry Harless and Annie Brumfield. Yevonne Sue Harless married Joseph M. Curran.

     Yevonne Sue Harless died 27 December 2005.

Kelly M. Schmidt

b. circa 1970
     Kelly M. Schmidt was born circa 1970. He married Cristi Jean Harless, daughter of Billy Dan Harless and Barbara Jo Hulsey, 14 February 1995 in Dallas County, Texas.

Cristi Jean Harless

b. 26 February 1976
     Cristi Jean Harless was born on 26 February 1976 in Potter County, Texas. She is the daughter of Billy Dan Harless and Barbara Jo Hulsey. Cristi Jean Harless married Kelly M. Schmidt 14 February 1995 in Dallas County, Texas.

Child of Cristi Jean Harless

Charles Dennis Harless

b. 23 September 1954
     Charles Dennis Harless was born on 23 September 1954. He married Brenda Denise White 3 August 1991.

Child of Charles Dennis Harless and Brenda Denise White

Brenda Denise White

b. circa 1961
     Brenda Denise White was born circa 1961. She married Charles Dennis Harless 3 August 1991.

Child of Brenda Denise White and Charles Dennis Harless

Carol Jean Davis

b. 3 May 1954
     Carol Jean Davis was born on 3 May 1954. She married William Roscoe Harless III, son of William Roscoe Harless Jr. and Naomi Alberta Watters, 2 December 1973.

Children of Carol Jean Davis and William Roscoe Harless III