JoAnne Marshall

b. 11 December 1930, d. 3 December 2014
     JoAnne Marshall was born on 11 December 1930. She married Lee Kay Andrews, son of Levi James Andrews and Edith Sue Lepley, 16 June 1950 in Pawnee City, Pawnee County, Nebraska.

     JoAnne Marshall died 3 December 2014.

Child of JoAnne Marshall and Lee Kay Andrews

David Andrews

     David Andrews is the son of Lee Kay Andrews and JoAnne Marshall.

Ethel Rae Andrews

b. 10 December 1884, d. 17 December 1884
     Ethel Rae Andrews was born on 10 December 1884. She was the daughter of Adelbert Dudley Andrews and Sarah Elizabeth McCoy.

     Ethel Rae Andrews died 17 December 1884.

(?) Bernard

     (?) Bernard married Leticia Virginia McCoy, daughter of Levi Allen McCoy and Julia Ann Harless.

Phyllis Tava

b. 1901, d. 23 May 1955
     Phyllis Tava was born in 1901. She married Paul Jackson Sharp, son of David Francis Sharp and Lydia Xuella McCoy.

     Phyllis Tava died 23 May 1955.

David Keister

b. circa 1828
     David Keister was born circa 1828. He married Margaret Robinson 3 October 1853 in Montgomery County, Virginia.

Child of David Keister and Margaret Robinson

Margaret Robinson

b. circa 1837
     Margaret Robinson was born circa 1837. She married David Keister 3 October 1853 in Montgomery County, Virginia.

Child of Margaret Robinson and David Keister

Christian Luther Martin

     Christian Luther Martin married Lula L. Slusser, daughter of Daniel Sylvester Slusser and Rebecca Virginia Price, 7 March 1887 in Montgomery County, Virginia.

George Byron Slusser

b. 12 November 1873, d. 8 November 1965
     George Byron Slusser was born on 12 November 1873 in Blacksburg, Montgomery County, Virginia. He was the son of Daniel Sylvester Slusser and Rebecca Virginia Price. George Byron Slusser married Sadie Ogburn. George Byron Slusser married Etta Catherine Hale 13 December 1897 in Montgomery County, Virginia.

     George Byron Slusser died 8 November 1965 in Roanoke, Roanoke County, Virginia.