Kenneth Cross

     Kenneth Cross married Kate Carr.

Child of Kenneth Cross and Kate Carr

Kate Carr

     Kate Carr married Kenneth Cross.

Child of Kate Carr and Kenneth Cross

Bessie L. Hill

     Bessie L. Hill married Henry Wolford Bellamy.

Child of Bessie L. Hill and Henry Wolford Bellamy

James Clifton Staples

     James Clifton Staples married Sallie Louise Hatfield.

Child of James Clifton Staples and Sallie Louise Hatfield

Sallie Louise Hatfield

     Sallie Louise Hatfield married James Clifton Staples.

Child of Sallie Louise Hatfield and James Clifton Staples

Rhyley W. Harper

b. circa 1927
     Rhyley W. Harper was born circa 1927 in Louisa County, Virginia. He is the son of L. B. Harper and Jennie Smith. Rhyley W. Harper married Mildred V. Harless, daughter of Sylvester Johnson Harless and Vada Mae Vance, 4 December 1948 in Richmond, Virginia.

L. B. Harper

     L. B. Harper married Jennie Smith.

Child of L. B. Harper and Jennie Smith

Jennie Smith

     Jennie Smith married L. B. Harper.

Child of Jennie Smith and L. B. Harper

Harry B. Goggin

     Harry B. Goggin married Leola Spencer.

Child of Harry B. Goggin and Leola Spencer

Leola Spencer

     Leola Spencer married Harry B. Goggin.

Child of Leola Spencer and Harry B. Goggin