Manerva Hickerson

     Manerva Hickerson married Albert M. Jones.

Child of Manerva Hickerson and Albert M. Jones

Edgar Eugene Bird

     Edgar Eugene Bird married Mary Elizabeth Goodpasture.

Child of Edgar Eugene Bird and Mary Elizabeth Goodpasture

Mary Elizabeth Goodpasture

     Mary Elizabeth Goodpasture married Edgar Eugene Bird.

Child of Mary Elizabeth Goodpasture and Edgar Eugene Bird

Earl E. Johnson

     Earl E. Johnson married Ethel Nina Bailey.

Child of Earl E. Johnson and Ethel Nina Bailey

Ethel Nina Bailey

     Ethel Nina Bailey married Earl E. Johnson.

Child of Ethel Nina Bailey and Earl E. Johnson

William K. Flynn

b. 6 July 1911
     William K. Flynn was born on 6 July 1911 in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the son of Maurice Flynn and Mary McCallum. William K. Flynn married Chloe Cleo Harless, daughter of Weldon G. Harless and Piney Shields, 19 September 1942 in Steuben County, Indiana.

Maurice Flynn

     Maurice Flynn married Mary McCallum.

Child of Maurice Flynn and Mary McCallum

Mary McCallum

     Mary McCallum married Maurice Flynn.

Child of Mary McCallum and Maurice Flynn

H. E. Harless

b. 18 December 1896
     H. E. Harless was born on 18 December 1896 in Bourbon County, Kansas. He was the son of John Abraham Harless and Isabelle White. H. E. Harless married Florence O'Connor, daughter of William Point and Luella Carpenter, 31 August 1946 in Steuben County, Indiana.