(?) Kleinman

     (?) Kleinman married Joanne Lilly, daughter of Dudley Venton Lilly and Norma C. Meyers.

Kathy June Harless

b. 18 June 1955, d. 18 June 1955
     Kathy June Harless was born on 18 June 1955 in Madison, Boone County, West Virginia. She was the daughter of Henson Roy Harless and Anna Gae Miller.

     Kathy June Harless died 18 June 1955.

(?) Burton

     (?) Burton married Jennie (?).

Child of (?) Burton and Jennie (?)

Gloria Jean Sheets

b. 6 April 1933
     Gloria Jean Sheets was born on 6 April 1933 in Danville, Boone County, West Virginia. She is the daughter of Talmage Sheets and Madge (?) Gloria Jean Sheets married Rex Glen Burton, son of Walter Harvey Burton and Dena Mae Harless, 30 November 1951 in Madison, Boone County, West Virginia.

Children of Gloria Jean Sheets and Rex Glen Burton

Talmage Sheets

     Talmage Sheets married Madge (?).

Child of Talmage Sheets and Madge (?)

Madge (?)

     Madge (?) married Talmage Sheets.

Child of Madge (?) and Talmage Sheets

Hannah L. (?)

b. 12 July 1920, d. 9 June 2011
     Hannah L. (?) was born on 12 July 1920. She married Eldon Eugene Givans, son of John Woodford Givans and Ruth Catharine Williams.

     Hannah L. (?) died 9 June 2011.

Etta Sproat

b. circa 1888
     Etta Sproat was born circa 1888 in Kansas. She married Claude Alfred Hosey, son of James McCullough Hosey and Sarah Ann Harless, 11 November 1907 in Watonga, Blaine County, Oklahoma.