Hattie Adkins

     Hattie Adkins married Alie Pratt.

Child of Hattie Adkins and Alie Pratt

Sarah Jane Wilson

b. 21 June 1857, d. 1 July 1857
     Sarah Jane Wilson was born on 21 June 1857. She was the daughter of Thomas Frost Wilson and Mary Lueturpsey Ash.

     Sarah Jane Wilson died 1 July 1857.

Izetta Jewell Adkins

b. 6 September 1927
     Izetta Jewell Adkins was born on 6 September 1927 in Wayne County, West Virginia. She is the daughter of Rosco Adkins. Izetta Jewell Adkins married William Homer Keesee, son of George William Keesee and Rosa Harless, 10 March 1944 in Lawrence County, Ohio.

Rosco Adkins

Child of Rosco Adkins

Lewis Jordan Brock

b. 22 July 1947
     Lewis Jordan Brock was born on 22 July 1947. He is the son of Vasco Brock and Ruth Virginia Keesee.

Linda Lou Brock

b. 10 January 1951, d. 10 May 1996
     Linda Lou Brock was born on 10 January 1951. She was the daughter of Vasco Brock and Ruth Virginia Keesee.

     Linda Lou Brock died 10 May 1996.

Elmer Adkins

Child of Elmer Adkins

David Anthony Adkins

     David Anthony Adkins is the son of Anthony Earl Adkins and Sybil Keesee.