Cecil Aaron Musick

b. 13 July 1909, d. 22 May 1960
     Cecil Aaron Musick was born on 13 July 1909 in Madison County, Indiana. He was the son of Clyde James Musick and Maxine Elnora Harless. Cecil Aaron Musick married Ruth E. (?).

     Cecil Aaron Musick died 22 May 1960 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.

Curtis Wayne Harless

b. 2 December 1959, d. 30 June 1960
     Curtis Wayne Harless was born on 2 December 1959 in Washington County, Virginia. He was the son of Harold Wayne Harless and Gladys Louise Dove.

     Curtis Wayne Harless died 30 June 1960 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Gladys Louise Dove

b. 17 December 1938, d. 1 March 2001
     Gladys Louise Dove was born on 17 December 1938 in Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia. She was the daughter of James Ernest Dove and Leola Eileen Harless. Gladys Louise Dove married Harold Wayne Harless, son of Lacy Leroy Harless and Essie Kathleen Bradley.

     Gladys Louise Dove died 1 March 2001 in Madison, Davidson County, Tennessee.

Children of Gladys Louise Dove and Harold Wayne Harless

James Oliver Harless

b. 3 October 1930, d. 6 October 1930
     James Oliver Harless was born on 3 October 1930 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. He was the son of Earl Thomas Harless and Otha Mae Jones.

     James Oliver Harless died 6 October 1930 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.

Alice Elizabeth Harless

b. 31 May 1924, d. 2 February 2016
     Alice Elizabeth Harless was born on 31 May 1924 in Simmonsville, Craig County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Henry Hobart Harless and Stella Bland. Alice Elizabeth Harless married Ambrose Wingler, son of Willie Wingler and Lucinda (?), 18 September 1940 in Pocahontas, Tazewell County, Virginia. Alice Elizabeth Harless married Walter Osborn 1982.

     Alice Elizabeth Harless died 2 February 2016.

Children of Alice Elizabeth Harless and Ambrose Wingler

Herbert Milton Harless

b. 16 January 1967
     Herbert Milton Harless was born on 16 January 1967 in Grapevine, Tarrant County, Texas. He is the son of Eugene Merl Harless and Shirley Ann Yarborough. Herbert Milton Harless married Bridgett Jolynn Cunningham 21 September 1996 in Choctaw, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.

Child of Herbert Milton Harless and Bridgett Jolynn Cunningham

Joyce Ann Harless

b. 14 August 1957
     Joyce Ann Harless was born on 14 August 1957 in Bexar County, Texas. She is the daughter of Eugene Merl Harless and Shirley Ann Yarborough. Joyce Ann Harless married John Lee Rothenberger 23 December 1976.

Child of Joyce Ann Harless and John Lee Rothenberger

Muriel L. Campbell

b. 2 July 1918, d. 21 October 1999
     Muriel L. Campbell was born on 2 July 1918 in Hancock County. She was the daughter of Horace Franklin Campbell and Gertrude Ferguson. Muriel L. Campbell married Perry Harless, son of Jasper Harless and Ollie Bell Marion, 23 September 1940 in Hawkins County, Tennessee.

     Muriel L. Campbell died 21 October 1999 in Luray, Virginia.

Terry Jasper Harless

b. 11 September 1944
     Terry Jasper Harless was born on 11 September 1944. He is the son of Perry Harless and Muriel L. Campbell.

Daniel Elbert Harless

b. circa 1948
     Daniel Elbert Harless was born circa 1948. He is the son of Alfred Henry Louis Harless and Irene Watkins. Daniel Elbert Harless married Rita Sims, daughter of C.N. Sims and Sudie B. Clements.

Child of Daniel Elbert Harless and Rita Sims