Jean A. Lyons

     Jean A. Lyons married Frank Lee Harless, son of Eugene Harless and Sarah Will Phillips, June 1969 in Dade County, Florida.

David Eugene Harless

     David Eugene Harless married Mary Jeanette (?).

Sara Lind Toole

b. 9 October 1938
     Sara Lind Toole was born on 9 October 1938. She was the daughter of Franklin Samuel Toole and Martha Lind Leeper. Sara Lind Toole married Bill Gene Harless, son of Eugene Harless and Sarah Will Phillips, 10 October 1956.

Verlie Peck White

     Verlie Peck White married Eva Virginia Lafon.

Child of Verlie Peck White and Eva Virginia Lafon

Eva Virginia Lafon

     Eva Virginia Lafon married Verlie Peck White.

Child of Eva Virginia Lafon and Verlie Peck White

Emily M. Adkins

b. November 1875, d. 19 December 1953
     Emily M. Adkins was born in November 1875 in Tennessee. She married Peter Sherman Cooper, son of William Cooper and Catherine Harless, 19 April 1894 in Normandy, Bedford County, Tennessee.

     Emily M. Adkins died 19 December 1953 in Scott County, Tennessee.

Matthew L. Harless

b. 16 June 1969
     Matthew L. Harless was born on 16 June 1969.

James Michael Harless

b. 4 August 1963
     James Michael Harless was born on 4 August 1963.

Kaki Harless

b. 1956
     Kaki Harless was born in 1956. He is the son of Charles Brammer Harless and Barbara Jean Huff.