David Floyd Harless

b. 25 March 1962
     David Floyd Harless was born on 25 March 1962. He is the son of Floyd Ernest Harless and Bertie Lou Jamison. David Floyd Harless married Rebecca Richmond, daughter of James Richmond, 14 March 1987 in Myrtle Point, Oregon.

Children of David Floyd Harless and Rebecca Richmond

Thomas H. Harless

b. 18 November 1850, d. 4 April 1925
     Thomas H. Harless was born on 18 November 1850 in Illinois. He was the son of Thomas Henry Harless and Barbara Ann King. Thomas H. Harless married Senretta Berry 1 May 1872 in Sullivan County, Indiana.

     Thomas H. Harless died 4 April 1925 in Dyer, Lake County, Indiana.

Children of Thomas H. Harless and Senretta Berry

W. King Harless

Lawrence Cleve Harless

b. 12 September 1875, d. 9 February 1928
     Lawrence Cleve Harless was born on 12 September 1875 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. He was the son of Thomas H. Harless and Senretta Berry. Lawrence Cleve Harless married Myrtle M. Austin.

     Lawrence Cleve Harless died 9 February 1928 in Joliet, Will County, Illinois.

Children of Lawrence Cleve Harless and Myrtle M. Austin

Jeremiah Meadows

b. circa 1855, d. 20 June 1910
     Jeremiah Meadows was born circa 1855. He was the son of Ephram Meadows and Rebecca (?). Jeremiah Meadows married Emarilla Harless, daughter of John Anderson Harless and Edith Lilly, 24 July 1882 in Martin County, Kentucky.

     Jeremiah Meadows died 20 June 1910 in Martin County, Kentucky.

Child of Jeremiah Meadows and Emarilla Harless

Roscoe Garrett

b. 2 April 1893, d. 21 December 1962
     Roscoe Garrett was born on 2 April 1893 in Johnson County, Kentucky. He was the son of Bernard Hamilton Garrett and Emma Pelfrey. Roscoe Garrett married Cora Ethel Harless, daughter of Isaac Newton Harless and Sarah E. Christian, 22 July 1914 in Logan County, West Virginia.

     Roscoe Garrett died 21 December 1962 in Huntington, Cabell County, West Virginia.

Bernard Hamilton Garrett

     Bernard Hamilton Garrett married Emma Pelfrey.

Child of Bernard Hamilton Garrett and Emma Pelfrey

Emma Pelfrey

     Emma Pelfrey married Bernard Hamilton Garrett.

Child of Emma Pelfrey and Bernard Hamilton Garrett

Odell Charley Harless

b. 4 December 1897, d. 24 March 1983
     Odell Charley Harless was born on 4 December 1897 in Ashford, Boone County, West Virginia. He was the son of Charles O'Dell Harless and Mary Alice Barker. Odell Charley Harless married Virginia Adkins 10 October 1929 in Boone County, West Virginia.

     Odell Charley Harless died 24 March 1983.

Children of Odell Charley Harless and Virginia Adkins

Lilly May Jackson

     Lilly May Jackson married Delmer Dolin, son of Delmore E. Dolin and Mary Olive Harless.