Clarence Orville Davis

b. 1 July 1922
     Clarence Orville Davis was born on 1 July 1922 in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana. He is the son of Virgil Elsworth Davis and Rosa Dell Aretta Friend.

Eugene R. Harless

b. November 1895
     Eugene R. Harless was born in November 1895 in Virginia. He was the son of Eugene Wellington Harless and Mary George Hurt.

Georgia M. Epling

b. 27 October 1891
     Georgia M. Epling was born on 27 October 1891 in Boone County, West Virginia. She was the daughter of Joseph Lozier Epling and Cynthia Olive Estep.

Nancy Campbell

b. 16 January 1855, d. 24 September 1936
     Nancy Campbell was born on 16 January 1855 in Virginia. She was the daughter of Jacob Hawks Campbell and Temperance Minerva Perdue. Nancy Campbell married Elisha Page Harless, son of Elisha E. Harless and Jerusha Williams, 14 October 1891 in Washington County, Virginia.

     Nancy Campbell died 24 September 1936 in Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia.

Child of Nancy Campbell and Elisha Page Harless

Amanda Lucille Harless

b. 10 August 1899, d. 14 April 1953
     Amanda Lucille Harless was born on 10 August 1899 in Washington County, Virginia. She was the daughter of John Anderson Harless and Margaret Rebecca MacIntire.

     Amanda Lucille Harless died 14 April 1953 in Ventura County, California.

Staley Harless

b. 27 October 1903, d. 30 November 1997
     Staley Harless was born on 27 October 1903 in Virginia. He was the son of Elisha Page Harless and Nancy Campbell.

     Staley Harless died 30 November 1997.

Mary Owen

b. 1792
     Mary Owen was born in 1792 in Virginia. She married Daniel Harless, son of Henry Harless and Charity (?), 22 February 1829 in Madison County, Alabama.

Child of Mary Owen and Daniel Harless

Eliza S. Crenshaw

b. circa July 1849
     Eliza S. Crenshaw was born circa July 1849 in Alabama. She was the daughter of John Owen Crenshaw and Rebecca Elizabeth Harless.

John W. Owen

b. circa 1849
     John W. Owen was born circa 1849 in Alabama. He was the son of George F. Owen and Jane W. Harless.