Robert Fletcher

     Robert Fletcher married Mary J. Harless 1966 in Martin County, Kentucky.

Child of Robert Fletcher and Mary J. Harless

Gladys L. Reeves

     Gladys L. Reeves married Charles Emmit Harless, son of James William Harless and Lucy Blanche Nunn, 1972.

Charles Emmit Harless

b. 9 December 1924, d. 4 August 1992
     Charles Emmit Harless was born on 9 December 1924 in Saltville, Smyth County, Virginia. He was the son of James William Harless and Lucy Blanche Nunn. Charles Emmit Harless married Gladys L. Reeves 1972.

     Charles Emmit Harless died 4 August 1992 in Smithland, Livingston County, Kentucky.

Rosa Harless

     Rosa Harless married Shirley Harless 1967.

Shirley Harless

     Shirley Harless married Rosa Harless 1967.

Margie Harless

     Margie Harless married Robert Chaffin 1974.

Children of Margie Harless and Robert Chaffin

Robert Chaffin

     Robert Chaffin married Margie Harless 1974.

Children of Robert Chaffin and Margie Harless

Eugene S. Harless

b. December 1939
     Eugene S. Harless was born in December 1939. He married Lavada J. Graham 27 July 1963 in Clark County, Nevada. Eugene S. Harless married Sharon Russell 1975. Eugene S. Harless married Cheryl Darle Taylor 29 February 1980 in Jefferson County, Kentucky. Eugene S. Harless married Margaret Anne Conley 23 December 1994 in Clark County, Nevada.

Sharon Russell

b. circa 1949
     Sharon Russell was born circa 1949. She married Eugene S. Harless 1975.

James Donald Harless

b. 28 September 1943, d. 6 October 2010
     James Donald Harless was born on 28 September 1943 in Martin County, Kentucky. He was the son of John Lewis Harless and Viola Runyon. James Donald Harless married Elsie M. Smith, daughter of John Smith, 1964 in Martin County, Kentucky. James Donald Harless married Carmen J. Bowen 1 October 1992 in Johnson County, Kentucky.

     James Donald Harless died 6 October 2010.

Children of James Donald Harless and Elsie M. Smith