Maggie Lou Hay

b. 10 August 1918, d. 11 July 2010
     Maggie Lou Hay was born on 10 August 1918 in Wayne County, West Virginia. She was the daughter of Millard Wetzel Hay and Zella Massie. Maggie Lou Hay married William Murphy. Maggie Lou Hay married Fred Doliver Staley, son of James Irvin Staley and Ethel Lycan, 26 October 1935 in Wayne County, West Virginia.

     Maggie Lou Hay died 11 July 2010 in West Virginia.

Child of Maggie Lou Hay

Children of Maggie Lou Hay and Fred Doliver Staley

Isaac M. Hay

     Isaac M. Hay married Martha E. (?).

Child of Isaac M. Hay and Martha E. (?)

Martha E. (?)

     Martha E. (?) married Isaac M. Hay.

Child of Martha E. (?) and Isaac M. Hay

Lyle Childers

     Lyle Childers married Nora Wells.

Child of Lyle Childers and Nora Wells