Walter Lee Hutchison

b. 28 May 1895, d. 21 February 1977
     Walter Lee Hutchison was born on 28 May 1895 in Virginia. He was the son of William Robert Hutchison and Helen Melicia Elizabeth Harless. Walter Lee Hutchison married Margaret Lillian (?).

     Walter Lee Hutchison died 21 February 1977 in Pearisburg, Giles County, Virginia.

Margaret Lillian (?)

     Margaret Lillian (?) married Walter Lee Hutchison, son of William Robert Hutchison and Helen Melicia Elizabeth Harless.

Ardiena Durkins

     Ardiena Durkins married James Thomas Miller Sr..

Child of Ardiena Durkins and James Thomas Miller Sr.

Tammy Lynn Patrick

b. 14 November 1959, d. 12 March 1960
     Tammy Lynn Patrick was born on 14 November 1959 in Richlands, Tazewell County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Thomas Patrick and Margaret Elizabeth Harless.

     Tammy Lynn Patrick died 12 March 1960 in Richlands, Tazewell County, Virginia.

Diana Garman

     Diana Garman married Chester Ballard Duncan.

Child of Diana Garman and Chester Ballard Duncan

John Wesley Hull

     John Wesley Hull married Mary Goodall.

Child of John Wesley Hull and Mary Goodall

Mary Goodall

     Mary Goodall married John Wesley Hull.

Child of Mary Goodall and John Wesley Hull

Anna Marie Mustard

b. 23 August 1890, d. 7 September 1960
     Anna Marie Mustard was born on 23 August 1890 in Wyoming County, West Virginia. She married Harman Eugene Graves, son of James Allen Graves and Emma Elizabeth Fagg, circa 1914.

     Anna Marie Mustard died 7 September 1960 in Bluefield, Mercer County, West Virginia.

Children of Anna Marie Mustard and Harman Eugene Graves

George Roe

     George Roe married Rosean Wright.

Child of George Roe and Rosean Wright

Rosean Wright

     Rosean Wright married George Roe.

Child of Rosean Wright and George Roe