Othor Chaplin Massie

     Othor Chaplin Massie married Arlena Wilson Ramsey.

Child of Othor Chaplin Massie and Arlena Wilson Ramsey

Arlena Wilson Ramsey

     Arlena Wilson Ramsey married Othor Chaplin Massie.

Child of Arlena Wilson Ramsey and Othor Chaplin Massie

Jimmy Randall Harless

b. circa 1945
     Jimmy Randall Harless was born circa 1945 in Ripplemead, Giles County, Virginia. He is the son of Vivian Charles Harless and Edna Clara Tawney. Jimmy Randall Harless married JoAnn Cumbee, daughter of Orbie Lee Cumbee and Pauline Frazier, 29 January 1966 in Pearisburg, Giles County, Virginia.

Child of Jimmy Randall Harless and JoAnn Cumbee

Violet Lorraine Saunders

b. circa 1948
     Violet Lorraine Saunders was born circa 1948 in Craig County, Virginia. She is the daughter of William Edward Saunders and Bessie McPherson. Violet Lorraine Saunders married Larry Harless, son of Malcom Roscoe Harless and Gladys Juanita Huffman, 22 August 1966 in Newcastle, Craig County, Virginia. Violet Lorraine Saunders married Larry Dean Neighbors 31 December 1986 in Roanoke City, Virginia.

Child of Violet Lorraine Saunders and Larry Harless

William Edward Saunders

     William Edward Saunders married Bessie McPherson.

Child of William Edward Saunders and Bessie McPherson

Bessie McPherson

     Bessie McPherson married William Edward Saunders.

Child of Bessie McPherson and William Edward Saunders

Grace Lee Dunahoo

b. 14 May 1942
     Grace Lee Dunahoo was born on 14 May 1942 in Greenville, North Carolina. She is the daughter of Walter Lee Dunahoo and Bessie Kay Nix. Grace Lee Dunahoo married Larry Lionel Harless, son of Delmer Clyde Harless and Hazel May Block, 17 March 1978 in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Walter Lee Dunahoo

     Walter Lee Dunahoo married Bessie Kay Nix.

Child of Walter Lee Dunahoo and Bessie Kay Nix

Bessie Kay Nix

     Bessie Kay Nix married Walter Lee Dunahoo.

Child of Bessie Kay Nix and Walter Lee Dunahoo

Gaynell Angle Harless

b. 9 August 1949
     Gaynell Angle Harless was born on 9 August 1949. She married John Paul Krista 14 September 2002 in Salem, Roanoke County, Virginia.