Ray Bradley

     Ray Bradley married Evelyn Surface.

Child of Ray Bradley and Evelyn Surface

Evelyn Surface

     Evelyn Surface married Ray Bradley.

Child of Evelyn Surface and Ray Bradley

Ideal Hannah

     Ideal Hannah married A. R. Helton.

Child of Ideal Hannah and A. R. Helton

Reba Sykes

b. circa 1937
     Reba Sykes was born circa 1937 in Washington County, Virginia. She is the daughter of Slemp Sykes and Mabel L. Casey. Reba Sykes married Thomas B. Harless, son of John William Harless and Nettie Evelyn Chapman, 28 December 1953 in Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia.

Slemp Sykes

     Slemp Sykes married Mabel L. Casey.

Child of Slemp Sykes and Mabel L. Casey

Mabel L. Casey

     Mabel L. Casey married Slemp Sykes.

Child of Mabel L. Casey and Slemp Sykes

Lundy Dowell

     Lundy Dowell married Eula Dean.

Child of Lundy Dowell and Eula Dean

Eula Dean

     Eula Dean married Lundy Dowell.

Child of Eula Dean and Lundy Dowell

Aubrey Maynard Cecil

b. circa 1922
     Aubrey Maynard Cecil was born circa 1922 in Richmond, Virginia. He is the son of Thomas Frank Cecil and Rosa Lee Shinault. Aubrey Maynard Cecil married Althea Pauline Harless, daughter of Victor Dennis Harless and Hattie Rebecca Aylor, 25 June 1952 in Max Meadows, Virginia.

Thomas Frank Cecil

     Thomas Frank Cecil married Rosa Lee Shinault.

Child of Thomas Frank Cecil and Rosa Lee Shinault