George Akers

     George Akers married Mattie Castle.

Child of George Akers and Mattie Castle

Mattie Castle

     Mattie Castle married George Akers.

Child of Mattie Castle and George Akers

J. M. Hinson

     J. M. Hinson married Maizie Cockerham.

Child of J. M. Hinson and Maizie Cockerham

Maizie Cockerham

     Maizie Cockerham married J. M. Hinson.

Child of Maizie Cockerham and J. M. Hinson

Cecil Crane

b. circa 1914
     Cecil Crane was born circa 1914 in Washington County, Virginia. He is the son of J. L. Crane and Essie Sanders. Cecil Crane married Leona Frances Harless, daughter of John Henry Harless and Rebecca Ann Chapman, 15 April 1936 in Washington County, Virginia.

Essie Sanders

     Essie Sanders married J. L. Crane.

Child of Essie Sanders and J. L. Crane

J. L. Crane

     J. L. Crane married Essie Sanders.

Child of J. L. Crane and Essie Sanders

Walter Stroud

     Walter Stroud married Lula Baumgardner.

Child of Walter Stroud and Lula Baumgardner

Lula Baumgardner

     Lula Baumgardner married Walter Stroud.

Child of Lula Baumgardner and Walter Stroud

J. E. Jamerson

     J. E. Jamerson married Annie E. Godsey.

Child of J. E. Jamerson and Annie E. Godsey