James H. Kessling

b. circa 1899
     James H. Kessling was born circa 1899. He married Esther Harless, daughter of James Wade Harless and Alice H. Carrichoff, 20 November 1918 in Roanoke City, Virginia.

Evelyn Estelle Burks

b. circa 1925
     Evelyn Estelle Burks was born circa 1925 in Lynchburg, Virginia. She is the daughter of Mallie Drewry Burks and Alice Margaret Campbell. Evelyn Estelle Burks married Charles Freeman Harless, son of Thomas Cheatwood Harless and Catherine Elizabeth Litchford, 4 December 1945 in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Child of Evelyn Estelle Burks and Charles Freeman Harless

Elizabeth Jane Cumbee

b. 27 May 1942
     Elizabeth Jane Cumbee was born on 27 May 1942 in Pembroke, Giles County, Virginia. She is the daughter of Charles Chapman Cumbee and Edith Irene Carter. Elizabeth Jane Cumbee married Charles Floyd Harless, son of Wiley Chaffin Harless and Flora Early Doss, 1 July 1961 in Pearisburg, Giles County, Virginia.

Child of Elizabeth Jane Cumbee and Charles Floyd Harless

Nada Diana Radowic

b. 1 April 1930
     Nada Diana Radowic was born on 1 April 1930 in Yugoslavia. She married William Cornelius Harless, son of Roy Otis Harless and Maymie Mae Neal, 6 October 1948 in Munich, Germany.

Children of Nada Diana Radowic and William Cornelius Harless

Thelma Irene (?)

     Thelma Irene (?) married James Edward Harless 20 May 1952 in Middlesboro City, Bell County, Kentucky.

George Carlton Smith

b. circa 1928
     George Carlton Smith was born circa 1928 in Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina. He is the son of Henry James Smith and Lola White. George Carlton Smith married Lana Bell Harless, daughter of Philip Harless and Allie Lee Evans, 23 October 1951 in Pennington Gap, Lee County, Virginia.

Child of George Carlton Smith and Lana Bell Harless

Billy Gene Harry

b. 28 July 1931
     Billy Gene Harry was born on 28 July 1931 in Mercer County, West Virginia. He is the son of P. H. Harry and Annie Blanch Davis. Billy Gene Harry married Willa Dean Harless, daughter of Aaron P. Harless and Ruth Elizabeth Porterfield, 24 June 1954 in Pearisburg, Giles County, Virginia.

Mary Jane Cooper

b. 29 November 1935
     Mary Jane Cooper was born on 29 November 1935 in Wythe County, Virginia. She is the daughter of Robert Clarence Cooper and Cora D. Martin. Mary Jane Cooper married James Gordon Harless, son of William Gordon Harless and Bulah Mae DeHart, 3 April 1954 in Pulaski County, Virginia.

Child of Mary Jane Cooper and James Gordon Harless

Latha Lou Rogers

b. 22 July 1940
     Latha Lou Rogers was born on 22 July 1940 in Washington County, Virginia. She is the daughter of J. C. Rogers and Winnie Virginia Williams. Latha Lou Rogers married Mack Henson Harless, son of John William Harless and Nettie Evelyn Chapman, 22 October 1958 in Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia.

Children of Latha Lou Rogers and Mack Henson Harless

Elizabeth Josephine Fugate

b. 17 September 1926
     Elizabeth Josephine Fugate was born on 17 September 1926 in New Hall, West Virginia. She is the daughter of Montague Browning Fugate and Molly Elizabeth Johnson. Elizabeth Josephine Fugate married Mack Henson Harless, son of John William Harless and Nettie Evelyn Chapman, 23 December 1981 in Bristol, Washington County, Virginia.