Oliver R. Rex

     Oliver R. Rex married Mattie M. Akes.

Child of Oliver R. Rex and Mattie M. Akes

Mattie M. Akes

     Mattie M. Akes married Oliver R. Rex.

Child of Mattie M. Akes and Oliver R. Rex

William H. Chase

     William H. Chase married Mary Wilbourn.

Child of William H. Chase and Mary Wilbourn

Mary Wilbourn

     Mary Wilbourn married William H. Chase.

Child of Mary Wilbourn and William H. Chase

Herbert Hoover Harless

b. between 1922 and 1925, d. before 1930
     Herbert Hoover Harless was born between 1922 and 1925. He was the son of George Washington Harless and Ora B. Dennington.

     Herbert Hoover Harless died before 1930.

Lloyd George Harless

b. 23 February 1920, d. 29 September 1983
     Lloyd George Harless was born on 23 February 1920 in Hubbard, Hill County, Texas. He was the son of George Washington Harless Jr. and Pearl Edith Smith.

     Lloyd George Harless died 29 September 1983.

Child of Lloyd George Harless

Patsy Harless

b. circa 1937
     Patsy Harless was born circa 1937 in Arkansas. She is the daughter of Odis Lee Harless and Gladys Lillie Gentry.

Gladys Mae Harless

b. circa 1922
     Gladys Mae Harless was born circa 1922 in Arkansas. She is the daughter of John Thomas Harless and Elsie Mae Holmes. Gladys Mae Harless married Jack C. Hudson 14 March 1946 in Sebastian County, Arkansas.

Claud Harless

b. circa 1913, d. 10 August 1929
     Claud Harless was born circa 1913 in Arkansas. He was the son of Thomas Aron Harless and Mary Hattie Price.

     Claud Harless died 10 August 1929 in Lonoke County, Arkansas.

Delsie Harless

b. 13 August 1939
     Delsie Harless was born on 13 August 1939 in Wayne County, West Virginia. She is the daughter of Merlin Harless and Tennessee Clark.