Ben Jacks

     Ben Jacks married Lula Might.

Lula Might

     Lula Might married Ben Jacks.

Children of Lula Might and Ben Jacks

Kay Smith

b. 14 November 1924, d. 9 November 2009
     Kay Smith was born on 14 November 1924 in Kentucky. She was the daughter of Jessie Smith and Margaret Hughes. Kay Smith married Rexford Harold Harless, son of Charles Andrew Harless and Golda Marie Harrison, 16 September 1946 in Wood County, Ohio.

     Kay Smith died 9 November 2009 in Beaumont, Jefferson County, Texas.

Jessie Smith

     Jessie Smith married Margaret Hughes.

Child of Jessie Smith and Margaret Hughes

Margaret Hughes

     Margaret Hughes married Jessie Smith.

Child of Margaret Hughes and Jessie Smith

Alga Collins

     Alga Collins married Robert Martin.

Child of Alga Collins

Barbara Watkins

     Barbara Watkins is the daughter of Howard Calvin Watkins and Ethel Frances Lilly. Barbara Watkins married (?) Atwell.

Barbara Harper

b. 13 April 1942
     Barbara Harper was born on 13 April 1942 in Ironton, Lawrence County, Ohio. She married Oakey C. Harless, son of Ira Harless and Mary Ethel Lafferty, 24 March 1962 in Marion County, Ohio.

Bernard Edward Harless

b. 9 September 1929, d. 5 August 1998
     Bernard Edward Harless was born on 9 September 1929 in Mount Hope, Fayette County, West Virginia. He is the son of Bernard C. Harless and Beatrice Bernice Porter. Bernard Edward Harless married Nellie Battle, daughter of Curley Battle and Mary Bess, 27 July 1953 in Portsmouth, Virginia. Bernard Edward Harless married Bernice Wilson, daughter of Jesse Wilson and Irene Turner, 8 February 1964 in Clark County, Ohio.

     Bernard Edward Harless died 5 August 1998.