Pamlee (?)

b. 1944
     Pamlee (?) was born in 1944. She married Ray M. Harless circa 1974.

Carl Robert Edwards

b. 14 July 1921, d. 17 May 1984
     Carl Robert Edwards was born on 14 July 1921 in Scott County, Virginia. He was the son of Hiram Winfield Edwards and Elizabeth Helen Harless. Carl Robert Edwards married Oma Mae Carter.

     Carl Robert Edwards died 17 May 1984 in Duffield, Scott County, Virginia.

Martha J. (?)

b. circa 1939
     Martha J. (?) was born circa 1939. She married George Van Harless, son of John Van Harless and Ida H. Goble, circa 1954.

Shirley (?)

b. circa 1945
     Shirley (?) was born circa 1945. She married Jack Dale Harless, son of Ralph Junior Harless and Kathryn Mae Schneider, circa 1965.

Janet C. (?)

b. circa 1944
     Janet C. (?) was born circa 1944. She married Kenneth M. Harless circa 1966.

James A. Harless

b. circa 1940
     James A. Harless was born circa 1940. He married Elizabeth A. (?) circa 1970.

Elizabeth A. (?)

b. circa 1944
     Elizabeth A. (?) was born circa 1944. She married James A. Harless circa 1970.

Eugene E. Harless

b. 23 August 1942
     Eugene E. Harless was born on 23 August 1942. He is the son of Earl Eugene Harless. Eugene E. Harless married Joyce M. (?) circa 1964.

Child of Eugene E. Harless and Joyce M. (?)

Children of Eugene E. Harless

Child of Eugene E. Harless and Rebecca A. Ottinger

Joyce M. (?)

b. 27 July 1946
     Joyce M. (?) was born on 27 July 1946. She married Eugene E. Harless, son of Earl Eugene Harless, circa 1964.

Child of Joyce M. (?) and Eugene E. Harless

Ray M. Harless

b. circa 1948
     Ray M. Harless was born circa 1948. He married Betty J. (?) circa 1973.