Lucy Faye Ferrell

b. 19 December 1953
     Lucy Faye Ferrell was born on 19 December 1953 in Indiana. She is the daughter of James Henry Ferrell and Lula Bella Dempsey. Lucy Faye Ferrell married Warren Dale Harless, son of Paul Raymond Harless and Opal Mae Greer, 7 April 1975 in Rich Creek, Giles County, Virginia.

John Harless

     John Harless married Krista (?) circa 1970.

Krista (?)

     Krista (?) married John Harless circa 1970.

John T. Harless

     John T. Harless married Linda (?) circa 1970.

Linda (?)

     Linda (?) married John T. Harless circa 1970.

Karen S. (?)

     Karen S. (?) married James I. Harless circa 1962.

Timothy Harless

     Timothy Harless married Kay (?) circa 1978.

Kay (?)

     Kay (?) married Timothy Harless circa 1978.

Laura L. (?)

     Laura L. (?) married Timothy James Harless circa 1987.

Linda F. (?)

     Linda F. (?) married William Preston Harless Sr., son of Lester Adkins and Madge Nowen Harless, circa 1967.