James I. Harless

     James I. Harless married Karen S. (?) circa 1962. James I. Harless married Diane (?) circa 1968.

Diane (?)

     Diane (?) married James I. Harless circa 1968.

Dorothy Marie Cotterill

b. 31 January 1924, d. 22 June 2004
     Dorothy Marie Cotterill was born on 31 January 1924 in Middleport, Meigs County, Ohio. She was the daughter of Floyd Cotterill and Henrietta Hood. Dorothy Marie Cotterill married John Richard Harless, son of Ralph Leslie Harless and Bessie Myrtle Miles, 31 December 1949 in Lucas County, Ohio.

     Dorothy Marie Cotterill died 22 June 2004 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio.

Gary Harless

     Gary Harless married Mary (?) circa 1962.

Mary (?)

     Mary (?) married Gary Harless circa 1962.

George G. Harless

     George G. Harless married Tina R. (?) circa 1997.

Tina R. (?)

     Tina R. (?) married George G. Harless circa 1997.

James D. Harless

     James D. Harless married Gertrude G. (?) circa 1950.

Gertrude G. (?)

     Gertrude G. (?) married James D. Harless circa 1950.

Glenda (?)

     Glenda (?) married Lloyd Gaylen Harless, son of Lonnie Winifred Harless and Lenora Stone, circa 1969.