Walter Lynn McCaughan

b. 8 November 1926
     Walter Lynn McCaughan was born on 8 November 1926. He is the son of David Lynn McCaughan and Walter Myra Rich.

Laverne L. Ashker

b. circa 1938
     Laverne L. Ashker was born circa 1938. She married Odis Harless, son of William H. Harless and Freda Kay Pauley, 31 December 1979 in Ottawa County, Ohio.

Everett E. Adkins

b. circa 1952
     Everett E. Adkins was born circa 1952. He married Marsha Marie Harless, daughter of Talmadge Herbert Harless and Mary Marie Turley, 3 August 1978 in Lawrence County, Ohio.

Mary L. Anderson

b. circa 1955
     Mary L. Anderson was born circa 1955. She married Dean Mikal Harless MD, son of James Dean Harless and Gertrude Nora Gunn, 27 August 1977 in Hamilton County, Ohio.

Darrell G. Harless Jr

b. circa 1973
     Darrell G. Harless Jr was born circa 1973. He is the son of Darrell Gay Harless. Darrell G. Harless Jr married Virgini M. Billotte 3 May 2002 in Richland County, Ohio.

Virgini M. Billotte

b. circa 1970
     Virgini M. Billotte was born circa 1970. She married Darrell G. Harless Jr, son of Darrell Gay Harless, 3 May 2002 in Richland County, Ohio.

Catherine A. Blanton

b. circa 1959
     Catherine A. Blanton was born circa 1959. She married Russell D. Harless 20 November 1982 in Franklin County, Ohio.

Ruth A. Bradley

b. circa 1941
     Ruth A. Bradley was born circa 1941. She married Dennis Lee Harless, son of Grover Cleveland Harless and Lola Mae Nelson, 11 November 1978 in Summit County, Ohio.

Cheryl M. Bradshaw

b. circa 1954
     Cheryl M. Bradshaw was born circa 1954. She married Lowell Keith Harless, son of Lowell Elmer Harless and Eloise L. Baugh, 21 June 1975 in Lawrence County, Ohio.

Norma L. Chambers

b. circa 1968
     Norma L. Chambers was born circa 1968. She married Bobby A. Harless 6 October 1984 in Gallia County, Ohio.