(?) Harless

     (?) Harless married Barbara Jean Hart.

Charles Ray Harless

b. 4 April 1934, d. 23 November 1981
     Charles Ray Harless was born on 4 April 1934 in Tennessee. He was the son of Jake Roberts Harless and Maggie J. Sewell. Charles Ray Harless married Edith Mae Hill, daughter of Artey Hill and Arlin (?), 1955.

     Charles Ray Harless died 23 November 1981 in Kings County, California.

Children of Charles Ray Harless and Edith Mae Hill

Zulu Belle Dufur

b. 3 June 1889, d. 30 March 1963
     Zulu Belle Dufur was born on 3 June 1889 in Missouri. She was the daughter of Edmond F. Dufur and Nannie M. Key. Zulu Belle Dufur married Charles A. Price 9 September 1915 in Alameda County, California. Zulu Belle Dufur and Herman Frederick Brockstedt applied for a marriage license on 4 April 1925 in Marin County, California. Zulu Belle Dufur married Paul Thompson Draper.

     Zulu Belle Dufur died 30 March 1963 in San Luis Obispo County, California.