George Milam

     George Milam married Cynthia Louisa Perdue.

Child of George Milam and Cynthia Louisa Perdue

Cynthia Louisa Perdue

b. May 1855, d. 13 May 1929
     Cynthia Louisa Perdue was born in May 1855. She married George Milam. Cynthia Louisa Perdue married John Henry Buzzard 22 April 1895 in Boone County, West Virginia.

     Cynthia Louisa Perdue died 13 May 1929 in Comfort, Boone County, West Virginia.

Child of Cynthia Louisa Perdue and George Milam

Sarah Stone

     Sarah Stone married Daniel Patterson Elkins.

Child of Sarah Stone and Daniel Patterson Elkins

Gracie Elkins

b. 19 June 1890, d. 30 June 1897
     Gracie Elkins was born on 19 June 1890 in Boone County, West Virginia. She was the daughter of Oren Eugene Elkins and Mary Catherine Harless.

     Gracie Elkins died 30 June 1897 in Comfort, Boone County, West Virginia.

Gregory Jean Harless

b. say 16 June 1955, d. 21 June 1955
     Gregory Jean Harless was born say 16 June 1955 in West Virginia. He was the son of Henson Roy Harless and Anna Gae Miller.

     Gregory Jean Harless died 21 June 1955 in Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia.

Shara C. Young

     Shara C. Young married Whirton W. Hughes.

Child of Shara C. Young and Whirton W. Hughes

Carter C. Lowe

     Carter C. Lowe married Elizabeth Campbell.

Child of Carter C. Lowe and Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth Campbell

     Elizabeth Campbell married Carter C. Lowe.

Child of Elizabeth Campbell and Carter C. Lowe

Robert Roberts

     Robert Roberts married Rebecca McCallister.

Child of Robert Roberts and Rebecca McCallister

Rebecca McCallister

     Rebecca McCallister married Robert Roberts.

Child of Rebecca McCallister and Robert Roberts