Russell Harless

     Russell Harless is the son of Fredrick Gene Harless and Glenna L. McNichols. Russell Harless married Cathy (?).

Merle Neste

b. 27 May 1921, d. 8 October 2011
     Merle Neste was born on 27 May 1921. She was the daughter of Ed Neste. Merle Neste married Richard Murl Harless, son of Murl Everett Harless and Vesta Jewell Moore, circa 1966.

     Merle Neste died 8 October 2011.

Donald Harless

     Donald Harless was the son of Murl Everett Harless and Vesta Jewell Moore. Donald Harless married Earlene (?).

Johnny Elmo Harless

b. 24 July 1934, d. 13 December 2009
     Johnny Elmo Harless was born on 24 July 1934 in Mississippi. He was the son of George Hardy Harless and Maggie Gertrude Shows. Johnny Elmo Harless married Clara Elizabeth (?).

     Johnny Elmo Harless died 13 December 2009 in Hattiesburg, Forrest County, Mississippi.

Children of Johnny Elmo Harless

Rader Belle Broyhill

b. 15 March 1916, d. 9 December 1997
     Rader Belle Broyhill was born on 15 March 1916 in Bristol, Sullivan County, Tennessee. She was the daughter of Walter S. Broyhill and Flaria E. Bouers. Rader Belle Broyhill married Lacy Brady Harless, son of Isaac Daniel Harless and Bessie Kyter Bentley, 15 June 1935 in Sullivan County, Tennessee.

     Rader Belle Broyhill died 9 December 1997 in Bristol, Washington County, Virginia.

Johnny Elmo Harless Jr

     Johnny Elmo Harless Jr is the son of Johnny Elmo Harless.

John Knox Shows

     John Knox Shows married Eula Albany Stringer.

Child of John Knox Shows and Eula Albany Stringer