Vera Leona Barnett

b. 5 November 1905, d. 1 November 2000
     Vera Leona Barnett was born on 5 November 1905 in Alabama. She married Harvey Harless, son of Wiley Dan Harless and Emma Florentine Elmore, 21 August 1920 in Pickens County, Alabama.

     Vera Leona Barnett died 1 November 2000.

Cara Lee Browning

b. circa 1929
     Cara Lee Browning was born circa 1929 in West Virginia. She is the daughter of George Floyd Browning and Lucindia Sophronia Belcher.

(?) Harless

b. 20 August 1889, d. 20 August 1889
     (?) Harless was born on 20 August 1889. She was the daughter of Henry Wilson Harless and Mary Lula Brockman.

     (?) Harless died 20 August 1889.

Shelva Jean Elkins

b. 29 January 1939
     Shelva Jean Elkins was born on 29 January 1939. She is the daughter of Willard Elkins and Erna Mae Harless. Shelva Jean Elkins married Robert Hansford Lipscomb, son of Charles Sinnett Lipscomb and Vazy Marie Simmons.

Isaac William Hutchins

b. 29 May 1905, d. 19 February 1995
     Isaac William Hutchins was born on 29 May 1905 in Kansas. He was the son of Columbus A. Hutchins and Rena Lou Rowland. Isaac William Hutchins married Dora Mae Harless, daughter of Joseph Lee Harless and Annie Elizabeth Street, 26 August 1928 in Logan County, Arkansas.

     Isaac William Hutchins died 19 February 1995.

Children of Isaac William Hutchins and Dora Mae Harless

John Albright

b. circa 1880
     John Albright was born circa 1880 in Cabell County, West Virginia. He married Alice Harless, daughter of Frank G. Harless and Sarah Kirk, 29 March 1903 in Cabell County, West Virginia.