Susan Carol Walters

     Susan Carol Walters married Charles Day Harless Jr., son of Charles Day Harless and Cecilia De Cambra, 25 July 1994 in Douglas County, Nebraska.

Joe Ashley

     Joe Ashley married Laura Agnes Robinson.

Child of Joe Ashley and Laura Agnes Robinson

Thomasine Louise Fescina

     Thomasine Louise Fescina married Charles Richard Harless, son of Russell McKinley Harless and Lillie Jane Irion, 11 October 1966 in Clark County, Nevada.

Gregory M. Weber

     Gregory M. Weber married Christine A. Harless 4 July 1989 in Washoe County, Nevada.

Christine A. Harless

     Christine A. Harless married Gregory M. Weber 4 July 1989 in Washoe County, Nevada.

Chris L. Fairbourne

     Chris L. Fairbourne married Christine R. Harless 2 April 2005 in Washoe County, Nevada.

Christine R. Harless

     Christine R. Harless married Chris L. Fairbourne 2 April 2005 in Washoe County, Nevada.

Frank Edward Boyes

b. February 1940
     Frank Edward Boyes was born in February 1940. He married Claudia Karen Harless, daughter of Claude Lester Harless and Frances Mabel Christenson, 18 March 1972 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Child of Frank Edward Boyes and Claudia Karen Harless

Keith Merrill Damewood

b. circa 1925
     Keith Merrill Damewood was born circa 1925 in Iowa. He is the son of Dana Archibald Damewood and Irma Gertrude Harless.

Viola Jane Carr

b. circa 1859
     Viola Jane Carr was born circa 1859 in Indiana. She was the daughter of John Monroe Carr and Sarah Elizabeth Harless. Viola Jane Carr married Lucian LaFayette Johnson, son of John N. Johnson and Nancy J. Holloway, 1879.

Children of Viola Jane Carr and Lucian LaFayette Johnson