Florence Irene Schroeder

     Florence Irene Schroeder is the daughter of Frank Schroeder. Florence Irene Schroeder married (?) Harless.

Frank Schroeder

     Frank Schroeder married Rebecca (?).

Child of Frank Schroeder

David Clark Baughan

     David Clark Baughan is the son of Thomas Emory Baughan and Dolly Overton Clark. David Clark Baughan married Bettye (?).

Ora Maybelle Thomas

b. circa 1915
     Ora Maybelle Thomas was born circa 1915. She married Wesley Floyd Harless, son of William Glasco Harless and Pearl Jessie Ables.

Child of Ora Maybelle Thomas and Wesley Floyd Harless

Kimberly Ann Harless

b. 9 February 1960
     Kimberly Ann Harless was born on 9 February 1960 in Alameda County, California. She is the daughter of Kenneth L. Harless.

Martha S. Wysong

b. circa 1913
     Martha S. Wysong was born circa 1913 in Virginia. She is the daughter of John Ezra Wysong and Alma Mary Spicer.