Jeffrey Carl Maynard

     Jeffrey Carl Maynard is the son of Carl Freeman Maynard and Glenna Janette Johnson.

James Gullion

     James Gullion married Katherine Meickles.

Child of James Gullion and Katherine Meickles

Katherine Meickles

     Katherine Meickles married James Gullion.

Child of Katherine Meickles and James Gullion

Daniel Ray Marrs

     Daniel Ray Marrs married Thelma Lee Jones.

Child of Daniel Ray Marrs and Thelma Lee Jones

Thelma Lee Jones

     Thelma Lee Jones married Daniel Ray Marrs.

Child of Thelma Lee Jones and Daniel Ray Marrs

Alice Geraldine (?)

Child of Alice Geraldine (?)

Patti L. Rusk

b. circa 1954
     Patti L. Rusk was born circa 1954. She married Randall Mac Harless, son of Alice Geraldine (?), 10 November 2003 in Delaware County, Ohio.

Salena Faye Cade

b. 1 February 1940, d. 20 June 2005
     Salena Faye Cade was born on 1 February 1940 in Wayne, Wayne County, West Virginia. She was the daughter of Gilbert Stanley Cade and Myrtle Hazelett. Salena Faye Cade married Henry Harless Jr., son of Henry Harless and Viola Perry, 27 July 1957 in Wayne County, West Virginia.

     Salena Faye Rowe died 20 June 2005 in Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia.

Child of Salena Faye Cade and Henry Harless Jr.

Gilbert Stanley Cade

     Gilbert Stanley Cade married Myrtle Hazelett.

Child of Gilbert Stanley Cade and Myrtle Hazelett

Myrtle Hazelett

     Myrtle Hazelett married Gilbert Stanley Cade.

Child of Myrtle Hazelett and Gilbert Stanley Cade