Ruth V. Nutter

b. circa 1912
     Ruth V. Nutter was born circa 1912 in New Mexico. She is the daughter of Paul Harless Nutter and Miranda Campbell.

Frank N. Harless

b. 3 February 1954
     Frank N. Harless was born on 3 February 1954.

Jessica Lyon Harless

b. 17 November 1980
     Jessica Lyon Harless was born on 17 November 1980.

Barry Eugene Harless

b. 12 March 1956
     Barry Eugene Harless was born on 12 March 1956. He is the son of Eugene Benson Harless. Barry Eugene Harless married Gabrielle Teresa Weinberger 2 November 1984 in Mt. Airy, Surry County, North Carolina.

Claire Louise Harless

b. 1977
     Claire Louise Harless was born in 1977 in Alamance County, North Carolina. She is the daughter of Orville Franklin Harless Jr. and Lenora Patterson Caudle.

Donald R. Harless

b. 23 August 1957
     Donald R. Harless was born on 23 August 1957.

George Thomas Harless

b. 14 January 1938, d. 19 January 2011
     George Thomas Harless was born on 14 January 1938 in Wilbar, Wilkes County, North Carolina. He was the son of George Rex Harless and Sallie Virginia Palmer. George Thomas Harless married Jacqueline Quinter.

     George Thomas Harless died 19 January 2011 in Jefferson, Ashe County, North Carolina.

Children of George Thomas Harless and Jacqueline Quinter

Rhonda (?)

     Rhonda (?) married David French, son of Emory Cecil French Jr and Annetta Bird.

Jason Q. Harless

b. 17 October 1984
     Jason Q. Harless was born on 17 October 1984.