Harry Lavender Jr.

b. 22 June 1918, d. August 1979
     Harry Lavender Jr. was born on 22 June 1918. He married Esther Ruby Jarrell, daughter of Monteville Lee Jarrell and Armelia Frances Harless.

     Harry Lavender Jr. died August 1979.

Lucinda Nelson

     Lucinda Nelson married William Collins, son of Aaron Collins and Nancy Epling.

Child of Lucinda Nelson and William Collins

Quinnie Collins

     Quinnie Collins is the daughter of William Collins and Lucinda Nelson.

G. W. Caldwell

b. circa 1856
     G. W. Caldwell was born circa 1856. He was the son of James Caldwell. G. W. Caldwell married Louvenia J. Harless, daughter of Henry Harless and Frances Sherman, 8 August 1891 in Montgomery County, Virginia.

James Caldwell

     James Caldwell married Elmira (?).

Child of James Caldwell

Asa Forbes

     Asa Forbes married Maudie J. Cahe.

Child of Asa Forbes and Maudie J. Cahe

James Jeffery Paffenroth

b. 6 September 1960
     James Jeffery Paffenroth was born on 6 September 1960. He married Diane Lynn Harless, daughter of Donald W. Harless and Agnes Delores Walsvick, 12 April 1986 in Dane County, Wisconsin.

Maudie J. Cahe

     Maudie J. Cahe married Asa Forbes.

Child of Maudie J. Cahe and Asa Forbes

John Smith Hayhurst

b. May 1873
     John Smith Hayhurst was born in May 1873 in West Virginia. He married Virginia Effie Snodgrass, daughter of Marion Snodgrass and Rachel Howe Harless, 8 August 1896.