William Kirk Harless

     William Kirk Harless is the son of William Arnold Harless and Debbie Quean. William Kirk Harless married Chantel Anna Calkins 26 May 2004 in Montrose County, Colorado.

(?) Hicks

     (?) Hicks married Lillian Lois Harless, daughter of David Searcy Harless and Nancy Clementine Elmore, circa 1928.

Child of (?) Hicks and Lillian Lois Harless

Bobbie M. Hicks

b. circa 1929
     Bobbie M. Hicks was born circa 1929 in Alabama. She is the daughter of (?) Hicks and Lillian Lois Harless.

Lillian Janina P. Harless

     Lillian Janina P. Harless is the daughter of James Ingomar Harless and Maurine Welborn. Lillian Janina P. Harless married Brownlee Buba Urquhart March 1967 in Collier County, Florida.

Larry James Harless

b. 26 August 1944, d. 16 August 2005
     Larry James Harless was born on 26 August 1944 in Lambert, Mississippi. He was the son of James Ingomar Harless and Maurine Welborn. Larry James Harless married Velma S. Tokuda.

     Larry James Harless died 16 August 2005 in Waipahu, Hawaii.

Children of Larry James Harless and Velma S. Tokuda

Bowaski Lafayette Harless

b. August 1930
     Bowaski Lafayette Harless was born in August 1930. He is the son of James Justin Harless and Clara Macel Middleton. Bowaski Lafayette Harless married Ruth Elaine Pate 3 August 1949 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.

Child of Bowaski Lafayette Harless

Children of Bowaski Lafayette Harless and Ruth Elaine Pate

William Terry Harless Jr.

b. circa 1975
     William Terry Harless Jr. was born circa 1975. He is the son of William Terry Harless. William Terry Harless Jr. married AnnaMarie Margaret Douglas 6 November 2002.

AnnaMarie Margaret Douglas

b. circa 1984
     AnnaMarie Margaret Douglas was born circa 1984. She married William Terry Harless Jr., son of William Terry Harless, 6 November 2002.

Ronnie Farrell Harless

b. circa 1947
     Ronnie Farrell Harless was born circa 1947. He is the son of Ferris Clarence Harless and Pearl Elmore. Ronnie Farrell Harless married Linda Gail Elmore, daughter of Austin Elmore.

Child of Ronnie Farrell Harless and Linda Gail Elmore

Ronnie Jason Harless

b. circa 1972
     Ronnie Jason Harless was born circa 1972. He is the son of Ronnie Farrell Harless and Linda Gail Elmore. Ronnie Jason Harless married Stacey Beyser, daughter of James Beyser and Linda (?).

Child of Ronnie Jason Harless and Stacey Beyser