Lenora Patterson Caudle

     Lenora Patterson Caudle is the daughter of Otto Joseph Caudle and Louise Bell. Lenora Patterson Caudle married Orville Franklin Harless Jr., son of Orville Wade Harless and Julia Frances McIntyre, 30 May 1970 in Graham, North Carolina.

Child of Lenora Patterson Caudle and Orville Franklin Harless Jr.

Hazel Lucille McCauley

b. 4 May 1930
     Hazel Lucille McCauley was born on 4 May 1930 in Weston, Lewis County, West Virginia. She married (?) Thompson. Hazel Lucille McCauley married Ralph Harless, son of William H. Harless and Freda Kay Pauley, 29 December 1967 in Alum Creek, Kanawha County, West Virginia.

Martha Jane Harless

b. 14 August 1940, d. 21 November 1997
     Martha Jane Harless was born on 14 August 1940 in Renick, Greenbrier County, West Virginia. She was the daughter of Violet Harless. Martha Jane Harless married Lynn Ott Sours.

     Martha Jane Harless died 21 November 1997 in Rocky Ridge, Maryland.

Child of Martha Jane Harless

Albert N. Hildebrand

b. December 1875
     Albert N. Hildebrand was born in December 1875 in Kansas. He was the son of Charles Wesley Hildebrand and Martha Hannah Mary Harless. Albert N. Hildebrand married Nora E. Holton 12 July 1903 in Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington.

(?) Harless

b. 31 July 1967
     (?) Harless was born on 31 July 1967 in Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio. She is the daughter of Garrell Lynn Harless.