Angeline Clawson

     Angeline Clawson married Max Gilbert Hancock.

Child of Angeline Clawson and Max Gilbert Hancock

Chad Harless

     Chad Harless is the son of Grant Edward Harless and Evelyn Hancock.

Christina Lee Harless

b. 10 November 1973
     Christina Lee Harless was born on 10 November 1973. She is the daughter of Linual Paul Harless.

Christine Harless

     Christine Harless is the daughter of Roy Harless and Anna Mae Petry. Christine Harless married (?) Stanley.

Homer Dee Ice

     Homer Dee Ice married Norma Elaine Wicks.

Child of Homer Dee Ice and Norma Elaine Wicks

Norma Elaine Wicks

     Norma Elaine Wicks married Homer Dee Ice.

Child of Norma Elaine Wicks and Homer Dee Ice

Theodore Prescott Hardin

b. circa 1906
     Theodore Prescott Hardin was born circa 1906 in Kentucky. He is the son of J. W. Hardin. Theodore Prescott Hardin married Edna Harless, daughter of Elisha Harless and Lucinda Scaggs, 1923.

David Graham Fleming

     David Graham Fleming married Sarah Fox.

Child of David Graham Fleming and Sarah Fox

Sarah Fox

     Sarah Fox married David Graham Fleming.

Robert Lee Harless

b. 30 April 1921, d. 12 September 2010
     Robert Lee Harless was born on 30 April 1921 in Madison County, Alabama. He was the son of Lonnie Lee Harless and Laura Mae Humphrey. Robert Lee Harless married Martha Frances Beall 23 March 1949 in Gurley, Madison County, Alabama.

     Robert Lee Harless died 12 September 2010.

Children of Robert Lee Harless and Martha Frances Beall