James Andrew Stump

b. 12 August 1890
     James Andrew Stump was born on 12 August 1890 in Virginia. He married Evelyn Lee Whittaker, daughter of Andy Moore Whittaker and Indiana Missouri Harless.

Children of James Andrew Stump and Evelyn Lee Whittaker

John Dyson Kuhn

     John Dyson Kuhn married Delia Michaels.

Child of John Dyson Kuhn and Effie C. Michael

Child of John Dyson Kuhn and Delia Michaels

Tullie O. Selvidge

b. circa 1879
     Tullie O. Selvidge was born circa 1879 in Alabama. She was the daughter of Wesley W. Selvidge and Emma Jane Harless.

Eligha Dalton

b. 8 September 1893, d. 6 March 1955
     Eligha Dalton was born on 8 September 1893 in Tate Springs, Grainger County, Tennessee. He married Mary Lee Harless, daughter of Rufus S. Harless and Sallie C. Fox, 16 February 1918 in Union County, Tennessee.

     Eligha Dalton died 6 March 1955.

Children of Eligha Dalton and Mary Lee Harless

Mary E. (?)

b. circa 1858
     Mary E. (?) was born circa 1858 in Tennessee. She married, as her second husband, Rufus S. Harless, son of John Harless and Elizabeth A. Pile, on 24 January 1911 in Union County, Tennessee.