Cheryl Louise Byers

b. 6 January 1955, d. 11 July 1972
     Cheryl Louise Byers was born on 6 January 1955 in Auto, Greenbrier County, West Virginia. She was the daughter of Wiley Edgar Byers and Elsie Louise Harford. Cheryl Louise Byers married Jimmie Lee Harless, son of Elmer Chapel Harless and Viney Elizabeth Mitchell, 14 January 1972 in Covington, Alleghany County, Virginia.

     Cheryl Louise Byers died 11 July 1972 in Roanoke, Roanoke County, Virginia.

Denise (?)

     Denise (?) married Jerry E. Turpin, son of Eugene Edward Turpin and Lila Ann Lambert.

Bernie T. Harless

b. 26 February 1919, d. 21 October 1985
     Bernie T. Harless was born on 26 February 1919.

     Bernie T. Harless died 21 October 1985 in Volusia County, Florida.

Roy T. Riddle

b. 6 October 1907, d. 17 January 1925
     Roy T. Riddle was born on 6 October 1907 in Texas. He was the son of Harvey Henry Riddle and Stella Gertrude Wilson.

     Roy T. Riddle died 17 January 1925.

James Harless

b. 28 February 1890, d. September 1985
     James Harless was born on 28 February 1890.

     James Harless died September 1985.

Junior Harless

b. 1 March 1926, d. 23 June 1978
     Junior Harless was born on 1 March 1926.

     Junior Harless died 23 June 1978.

Nellie M. Keister

b. 22 May 1904, d. 12 May 1978
     Nellie M. Keister was born on 22 May 1904 in Virginia. She was the daughter of Robert Michael Keister and Drucilla M. Long. Nellie M. Keister married Elwood White.

     Nellie M. Keister died 12 May 1978.

Child of Nellie M. Keister and Elwood White

Charles Lee Thomas Harless II

     Charles Lee Thomas Harless II married Linda Kaye Cissna 16 October 2001 in Bristol, Washington County, Virginia.

Woodrow Harless

b. 26 September 1928, d. 3 December 1977
     Woodrow Harless was born on 26 September 1928 in Washington County, Virginia. He was the son of William Arthur Harless and Delila Catherine Nunley. Woodrow Harless married Virginia Cross, daughter of Kenneth Cross and Kate Carr, 5 August 1952 in Washington County, Virginia. Woodrow Harless married Anna Kale Weeks, daughter of William H. Weeks and Mary E. Lambert, 24 January 1953 in Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia.

     Woodrow Harless died 3 December 1977 in Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia.

Laura LaVerne McGuire

b. circa 1886
     Laura LaVerne McGuire was born circa 1886 in Virginia. She married Isaac G. Fleenor, son of William Westley Fleenor and Mary Ann Harless, circa 1906.

Children of Laura LaVerne McGuire and Isaac G. Fleenor