William Claude Harless

b. 22 September 1966, d. 9 June 2019
     William Claude Harless was born on 22 September 1966 in Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland. He was the son of Larry Livingston Harless and Sharon Lee Wright. William Claude Harless married Susan Elizabeth Dailey, daughter of James S. Dailey Jr and Mary Ellen Wilson, 7 February 1986 in Winchester, Virginia. William Claude Harless married Maria Agathe Ptratsi 22 September 2007 in Norfolk, Virginia.

     William Claude Harless died 9 June 2019.

James D. Harless

b. 3 October 1931, d. 3 September 1993
     James D. Harless was born on 3 October 1931 in Alabama. He was the son of (?) Harless. James D. Harless married Joan Holder.

     James D. Harless died 3 September 1993 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.

Billy Neal Harless

b. 13 April 1930, d. 28 June 1999
     Billy Neal Harless was born on 13 April 1930. He was the son of (?) Harless. Billy Neal Harless married Shirley A. Phillips.

     Billy Neal Harless died 28 June 1999.

Children of Billy Neal Harless and Shirley A. Phillips

James Franklin Harless

b. 3 August 1885, d. 12 February 1968
     James Franklin Harless was born on 3 August 1885 in Texas. He was the son of (?) Harless.

     James Franklin Harless died 12 February 1968 in Grand Saline, Van Zandt County, Texas.

John Richard Harless

b. 20 January 1905, d. 9 December 1987
     John Richard Harless was born on 20 January 1905. He married Irene Frances Pace 24 August 1961 in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado.

     John Richard Harless died 9 December 1987.

Elizabeth Overholtz

b. circa 1830
     Elizabeth Overholtz was born circa 1830 in Ohio. She married Cephas M. Hurless, son of George Hurless and Susannah Lucy Leatherman, 12 April 1848 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.

Verlin Harless

b. 23 May 1923, d. 28 May 1975
     Verlin Harless was born on 23 May 1923 in Salt Rock, Cabell County, West Virginia. He was the son of Enos W. Harless and Pansy Vickers. Verlin Harless married Ethel Chaffin, daughter of Lawrence Chaffin and Hazel Copley.

     Verlin Harless died 28 May 1975 in Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio.
     On 1 April 1950 Verlin Harless was listed as a head of household on the 1950 Federal Census in Perrysville, Ashland County, Ohio. Also living in the household were his wife, Ethel Harless, his son, Darrell Gay Harless and Garrell Lynn Harless.

Children of Verlin Harless and Ethel Chaffin

Edmond Ray Harless

b. 30 October 1926, d. 10 March 2011
     Edmond Ray Harless was born on 30 October 1926 in Branchland, Cabell County, West Virginia. He was the son of Enos W. Harless and Pansy Vickers. Edmond Ray Harless married Joyce Ann Blankenship, daughter of Houston B. Blankenship and Ruby R. Swanson, 26 January 1951 in Arlington, Virginia.

     Edmond Ray Harless died 10 March 2011.

Child of Edmond Ray Harless and Joyce Ann Blankenship

Marshall Rivous Harless Jr.

b. circa 1972
     Marshall Rivous Harless Jr. was born circa 1972. He is the son of Marshall Rivous Harless Sr. and Mary Anne Rorrer. Marshall Rivous Harless Jr. married LaTisha Yocoeona Jones, daughter of Daniel R. Jones.

Children of Marshall Rivous Harless Jr. and LaTisha Yocoeona Jones