Emma Lou Musick

b. 22 January 1926, d. 5 October 1985
     Emma Lou Musick was born on 22 January 1926 in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana. She was the daughter of Andrew Jackson Musick and Lena Ethel Harless. Emma Lou Musick married (?) Warren. Emma Lou Musick married Warren B. Richardson. Emma Lou Musick married Herbert Garland Cowles, son of Roy Cowles and Lillie Grace Wilkins, 18 December 1942 in Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana.

     Emma Lou Musick died 5 October 1985 in Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana.

(?) Warren

     (?) Warren married Emma Lou Musick, daughter of Andrew Jackson Musick and Lena Ethel Harless.

Robert Harless

b. 31 August 1913, d. February 1981
     Robert Harless was born on 31 August 1913.

     Robert Harless died February 1981.

Ruby Lee Wolfe

b. circa 1913
     Ruby Lee Wolfe was born circa 1913 in Texas. She is the daughter of (?) Wolfe and Lena Lavonia Stephenson.

Dessie Ann Molder

b. 20 February 1906, d. 14 August 1992
     Dessie Ann Molder was born on 20 February 1906 in Texas. She married Emmitt Louis Kelley, son of Edward D. Kelley and Georgia Ann Harless, 7 August 1923.

     Dessie Ann Molder died 14 August 1992 in Granbury, Hood County, Texas.

Children of Dessie Ann Molder and Emmitt Louis Kelley

Roy Allen Harless Sr

b. 1 March 1924, d. February 1978
     Roy Allen Harless Sr was born on 1 March 1924 in Arkansas. He was the son of Trenton Harless and Sarah Lou Hallmark. Roy Allen Harless Sr married Jennie May Akers, daughter of Benjamin Akers and Opal L. Long.

     Roy Allen Harless Sr died February 1978.

Children of Roy Allen Harless Sr and Jennie May Akers

Roy Leland Harless

b. 8 March 1949, d. 5 May 1970
     Roy Leland Harless was born on 8 March 1949 in Riverdale, California. He was the son of John R. Harless and Viola Marie Cockrell. Roy Leland Harless married Linda Lou Stratton, daughter of Roy Stratton and Colene (?), 5 July 1968 in Livingston County, Missouri.

     Roy Leland Harless died 5 May 1970 in Caldwell County, Missouri.

Child of Roy Leland Harless and Linda Lou Stratton

Mamie Ethel Lucas

b. 15 December 1885, d. 7 June 1923
     Mamie Ethel Lucas was born on 15 December 1885 in Shelby County, Missouri. She was the daughter of Allen M. Lucas and Mary C. Hart. Mamie Ethel Lucas married Charles William Boling, son of Moxley Clarence Boling and Frances Verena Winkler.

     Mamie Ethel Lucas died 7 June 1923 in Randolph County, Missouri.

Steve Allen Harless

b. 26 August 1953, d. 17 December 1979
     Steve Allen Harless was born on 26 August 1953. He was the son of Harvey Harold Harless and Mildred Emogene Crouch. Steve Allen Harless married Rebecca Diane Kincaid, daughter of Alvin Kincaid and Frances Tawney.

     Steve Allen Harless died 17 December 1979.

Children of Steve Allen Harless and Rebecca Diane Kincaid

Steve Lane Harless

b. 31 July 1947, d. 27 September 1974
     Steve Lane Harless was born on 31 July 1947.

     Steve Lane Harless died 27 September 1974.