James R. Harless

b. 4 August 1963
     James R. Harless was born on 4 August 1963.

Ivan L. Harless III

     Ivan L. Harless III is the son of Ivan Luther Harless Jr. and Frances Ritter-Walker.

Opal Louise Droddy

b. circa 1926
     Opal Louise Droddy was born circa 1926. She is the daughter of Eastmond Earl Droddy and Liddie M. Humphreys.

Brenda S. Harless

b. circa 1947
     Brenda S. Harless was born circa 1947.

Frances A. Harless

Theodore Robert Harless D.D.S.

b. 1 January 1940
     Theodore Robert Harless D.D.S. was born on 1 January 1940. He married Yvonne W. (?).

Velda Mary Hickman

b. 16 January 1939
     Velda Mary Hickman was born on 16 January 1939. She is the daughter of William Hickman. Velda Mary Hickman married Glenn Richard Harless, son of Richard Fielding Harless and Margaret Leone Harris, 7 February 1964 in Clark County, Nevada.

Evelyn Hancock

     Evelyn Hancock was the daughter of Max Gilbert Hancock and Angeline Clawson. Evelyn Hancock married Grant Edward Harless, son of Melvin Edward Harless and Darlene Horrell-Rice, in Maricopa County, Arizona.