James Fredrick Harless

b. 10 November 1942
     James Fredrick Harless was born on 10 November 1942. He is the son of Fred DeWitt Harless and Sally Prosoco. James Fredrick Harless married Dorothy Ann Basadre, daughter of Jesus Daniel Basadre and Hetty Lucille Bently, in Grundy, Buchanan County, Virginia. James Fredrick Harless married Martha (?).

Child of James Fredrick Harless and Dorothy Ann Basadre

Joseph G. Harless

b. November 1827
     Joseph G. Harless was born in November 1827 in Ohio. He married Rachel (?).

Rachel (?)

b. May 1828
     Rachel (?) was born in May 1828 in Virginia. She married Joseph G. Harless.

Frank Harless

b. March 1894
     Frank Harless was born in March 1894 in Indiana. He was the son of William Clarence Harless.

John Edward Nida

b. 30 July 1862, d. 14 July 1929
     John Edward Nida was born on 30 July 1862 in Missouri. He was the son of William Henry Nida and Catherine Ellis. John Edward Nida married Lutitia Alice Tunnell 26 April 1886 in Sullivan County, Missouri.

     John Edward Nida died 14 July 1929 in Grundy County, Missouri.

Children of John Edward Nida and Lutitia Alice Tunnell

James Albert Nida

b. 18 July 1866, d. 27 May 1931
     James Albert Nida was born on 18 July 1866 in Missouri. He was the son of William Henry Nida and Catherine Ellis. James Albert Nida married Sarilda Ann Clemens, daughter of Peter Clemens and Jane Dean, 13 June 1891 in Trenton, Grundy County, Missouri.

     James Albert Nida died 27 May 1931 in Trenton, Grundy County, Missouri.

Children of James Albert Nida and Sarilda Ann Clemens

Ralph E. Harless

b. 23 July 1929, d. 18 December 1966
     Ralph E. Harless was born on 23 July 1929 in Kanawha County, West Virginia. He was the son of George Washington Harless and Mary Humphrey Dempsey. Ralph E. Harless married Juanita Ann Sexton 14 January 1952 in Huntington, Cabell County, West Virginia.

     Ralph E. Harless died 18 December 1966 in Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio.

Ralph Harless

b. 3 April 1934, d. November 1983
     Ralph Harless was born on 3 April 1934.

     Ralph Harless died November 1983.

William Lynn Johnson

b. March 1872, d. 1956
     William Lynn Johnson was born in March 1872 in West Virginia. He married Minnie Belle Harless, daughter of John Albert Harless and Letha Ann Stollings, 17 February 1892 in Wayne County, West Virginia.

     William Lynn Johnson died 1956.

Children of William Lynn Johnson and Minnie Belle Harless