Carl Pennington Harless

b. 17 May 1913, d. 19 August 1964
     Carl Pennington Harless was born on 17 May 1913 in Interior, Giles County, Virginia. He was the son of John Harvey Harless and Amanda Ellen Bradley. Carl Pennington Harless married Sylvia May Lafon, daughter of Robert Lafon and Bertie Baird, 7 July 1945 in Pearisburg, Giles County, Virginia.

     Carl Pennington Harless died 19 August 1964 in Lindside, Monroe County, West Virginia.

Children of Carl Pennington Harless and Sylvia May Lafon

Vera Dixon Peal

b. 11 September 1916, d. 28 August 1991
     Vera Dixon Peal was born on 11 September 1916. She was the daughter of Earl Dickison Peal and Gladys Thelma Harless. Vera Dixon Peal married Arthur Allen Stover 10 June 1936.

     Vera Dixon Peal died 28 August 1991.

Child of Vera Dixon Peal and Arthur Allen Stover

George W. Buchanan

b. circa 1916
     George W. Buchanan was born circa 1916 in West Virginia. He is the son of Thomas F. Buchanan and Ellen Brooke Harless.

Albert Joseph Moise

b. 21 May 1898, d. 18 September 1962
     Albert Joseph Moise was born on 21 May 1898 in Louisiana. He married Violet Harless, daughter of Isaac Luther Harless and Alice Ann Brammer.

     Albert Joseph Moise died 18 September 1962.

Children of Albert Joseph Moise and Violet Harless

Lilly Chauvin

b. circa 1896
     Lilly Chauvin was born circa 1896 in Louisiana. She married Ivan L. Harless, son of Isaac Luther Harless and Alice Ann Brammer, circa 1916.

Children of Lilly Chauvin and Ivan L. Harless

Ray Lawrence Harless

b. 10 April 1918
     Ray Lawrence Harless was born on 10 April 1918 in Mer Rouge, Morehouse Parish, Louisiana. He is the son of Ivan L. Harless and Lilly Chauvin.

Katie M. Gleason

b. 15 July 1895, d. 12 June 1973
     Katie M. Gleason was born on 15 July 1895 in Louisiana. She was the daughter of G. N. Gleason. Katie M. Gleason married Denver Lee Harless, son of Isaac Luther Harless and Alice Ann Brammer, circa 1921.

     Katie M. Gleason died 12 June 1973.

Children of Katie M. Gleason and Denver Lee Harless

John Foster Thompson

Child of John Foster Thompson