N. C. Myers

     N. C. Myers married Sarah (?).

Child of N. C. Myers and Sarah (?)

Sarah (?)

     Sarah (?) married N. C. Myers.

Child of Sarah (?) and N. C. Myers

Catherine Surface

     Catherine Surface married Charles Harless, son of David Harless Jr. and Polly Hill, 4 June 1830 in Miami County, Ohio.

Child of Catherine Surface and Charles Harless

William Richard Perry

b. 7 May 1827, d. 20 February 1907
     William Richard Perry was born on 7 May 1827 in Maryland. He married Elizabeth Harless, daughter of Charles Harless and Catherine Surface, 21 January 1852 in Miami County, Ohio.

     William Richard Perry died 20 February 1907 in Madison County, Indiana.

Children of William Richard Perry and Elizabeth Harless

Carl Bernley Harless

b. 12 October 1912, d. 27 June 1945
     Carl Bernley Harless was born on 12 October 1912 in Artie, Raleigh County, West Virginia. He was the son of Charles Robert Harless and Lilia Pearl Toney. Carl Bernley Harless married Jeanetta Watson November 1939.

     Carl Bernley Harless died 27 June 1945 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.

Paul Marvin Harless

b. 6 October 1914, d. 9 March 1983
     Paul Marvin Harless was born on 6 October 1914 in West Virginia. He was the son of Charles Robert Harless and Lilia Pearl Toney. Paul Marvin Harless married Nellie Louise Peyton, daughter of Joseph H. Peyton, 22 April 1942 in Towson, Baltimore County, Maryland. Paul Marvin Harless married Sue G. Penn 21 June 1974 in Fayette County, Kentucky.

     Paul Marvin Harless died 9 March 1983 in Franklin County, Kentucky.

Children of Paul Marvin Harless and Nellie Louise Peyton

Lottie Woskey

b. 1886, d. 1966
     Lottie Woskey was born in 1886 in Iowa. She was the daughter of Joseph Woskey and Elizabeth Veverke. Lottie Woskey married Frederick Charles Harless, son of John Harvey Harless and Grace Prish, circa 1910.

     Lottie Woskey died 1966.