George Thomas Harless

b. 14 June 1959, d. 28 December 1986
     George Thomas Harless was born on 14 June 1959 in Maryland. He was the son of (?) Harless and (?) Illian.

     George Thomas Harless died 28 December 1986 in Los Angeles County, California.

(?) Hanks

Cullen Preston Harless

b. 22 March 1923, d. 30 January 1959
     Cullen Preston Harless was born on 22 March 1923 in Texas. He was the son of Charles Cecil Harless and Ora Veda Preston. Cullen Preston Harless married Melba Lee Bloodworth, daughter of John L. Bloodworth and Allie B. McNutt.

     Cullen Preston Harless died 30 January 1959 in Alameda County, California.

Children of Cullen Preston Harless and Melba Lee Bloodworth

Nancy Korn

     Nancy Korn married Eric A. Harless.

Charley R. Harless

b. 1 March 1913, d. 17 October 1960
     Charley R. Harless was born on 1 March 1913 in Ratcliff, Logan County, Arkansas. He was the son of Joseph Lee Harless and Annie Elizabeth Street. Charley R. Harless married Hattie Ann Harrison 26 April 1931 in Logan County, Arkansas.

     Charley R. Harless died 17 October 1960 in Los Angeles County, California.

Children of Charley R. Harless and Hattie Ann Harrison

Minda Smith

b. circa 1865
     Minda Smith was born circa 1865 in Ohio. She was the daughter of James Washington Smith and Anna Virginia Mooney.

Arthur Charles Harless

b. 12 June 1904, d. 10 July 1962
     Arthur Charles Harless was born on 12 June 1904 in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa. He was the son of Clarence Chester Harless and Elma Myrtle Lundbert. Arthur Charles Harless married Ethel C. Cronemeyer, daughter of Robert Cronemeyer and Wilhelmina Holnagel.

     Arthur Charles Harless died 10 July 1962 in Los Angeles County, California.

Child of Arthur Charles Harless and Ethel C. Cronemeyer

Elma Myrtle Lundbert

b. circa 1886
     Elma Myrtle Lundbert was born circa 1886 in Colorado. She married Clarence Chester Harless, son of John Harvey Harless and Grace Prish, circa 1903.

Child of Elma Myrtle Lundbert and Clarence Chester Harless

Luther Leroy Harless

b. 19 January 1908, d. 15 September 1963
     Luther Leroy Harless was born on 19 January 1908 in Doniphan County, Kansas. He was the son of Lynn Bachman Harless and Estella Irene Bird. Luther Leroy Harless married Cora Agnes Lawrence, daughter of John Martin Lawrence and Martha Ava Thompson.

     Luther Leroy Harless died 15 September 1963 in Los Angeles County, California.

Children of Luther Leroy Harless and Myrtle Inez Downey

Jacob Smith

b. circa 1866
     Jacob Smith was born circa 1866 in Ohio. He was the son of James Washington Smith and Anna Virginia Mooney.