Mary Alice Pilsbury

     Mary Alice Pilsbury married William R. Starkey.

Child of Mary Alice Pilsbury and William R. Starkey

Robert Lee Moore

     Robert Lee Moore married Nancy Ann Lee.

Child of Robert Lee Moore and Nancy Ann Lee

Nancy Ann Lee

     Nancy Ann Lee married Robert Lee Moore.

Child of Nancy Ann Lee and Robert Lee Moore

W. H. McCallister

     W. H. McCallister married Sara Farley.

Child of W. H. McCallister and Sara Farley

James Norwood Clancy

     James Norwood Clancy married Mary A. McCaa, daughter of William Chambers McCaa and Alma Beatrice Harless.

Daniel Dwight Harless

b. 6 June 1939, d. 24 April 2011
     Daniel Dwight Harless was born on 6 June 1939 in Mount Pleasant, Isabella County, Michigan. He was the son of Harold Denver Harless and Mabel Claire McKinney. Daniel Dwight Harless married Phyllis Hackett 22 January 1966.

     Daniel Dwight Harless died 24 April 2011 in Mount Pleasant, Isabella County, Michigan.

Leslie Harless

     Leslie Harless is the daughter of Lowell Allen Harless.

Harold Allen Harless

b. 19 December 1955, d. 10 January 2012
     Harold Allen Harless was born on 19 December 1955 in Mount Pleasant, Isabella County, Michigan. He was the son of Lowell Allen Harless and Diane Kay Bissett.

     Harold Allen Harless died 10 January 2012 in Spring Hill, Florida.

Children of Harold Allen Harless

H. Frank Harless

b. 2 September 1890, d. 24 January 1938
     H. Frank Harless was born on 2 September 1890 in Peterstown, Monroe County, West Virginia. He was the son of William LeRoy Harless and Minerva E. Crotty. H. Frank Harless married Lavinia Bell Martin in West Virginia.

     H. Frank Harless died 24 January 1938 in Princeton, Mercer County, West Virginia.

Child of H. Frank Harless and Lavinia Bell Martin

Child of H. Frank Harless and Lelia Terry