Tamara Gail King

b. circa 1961
     Tamara Gail King was born circa 1961. She is the daughter of Johnny King and Agatha Mae Rich. Tamara Gail King married Nathan Kimberly Harless, son of Nathan Edwin Harless and Ida Frances Lofton, 3 June 1978 in Callahan County, Texas.

Children of Tamara Gail King and Nathan Kimberly Harless

Darren Lee Harless

b. 27 January 1965
     Darren Lee Harless was born on 27 January 1965 in Karnes County, Texas. He is the son of Charles C. Harless and Jeannine Kathleen Voss. Darren Lee Harless married Leslea Lynnette Loring 9 March 1985 in Galveston County, Texas.

Child of Darren Lee Harless and Leslea Lynnette Loring

Leslea Lynnette Loring

b. circa 1966
     Leslea Lynnette Loring was born circa 1966. She married Darren Lee Harless, son of Charles C. Harless and Jeannine Kathleen Voss, 9 March 1985 in Galveston County, Texas.

Child of Leslea Lynnette Loring and Darren Lee Harless

Peggy Diane London

b. circa 1959
     Peggy Diane London was born circa 1959. She married Donald Eugene Harless, son of Walter Marvin Harless and Claudia Faye George, 16 July 1983 in Harris County, Texas.

Jerry Harless

b. 17 July 1937, d. 28 July 1997
     Jerry Harless was born on 17 July 1937. He was the son of Henry H. Harless and Ellen Shipman. Jerry Harless married Constance Vivian Richards 28 July 1958.

     Jerry Harless died 28 July 1997 in Harris County, Texas.

Children of Jerry Harless and Constance Vivian Richards

Constance Vivian Richards

b. 22 December 1940
     Constance Vivian Richards was born on 22 December 1940. She married Jerry Harless, son of Henry H. Harless and Ellen Shipman, 28 July 1958.

Children of Constance Vivian Richards and Jerry Harless

Walter Earl Harless

b. 5 September 1893, d. 4 June 1970
     Walter Earl Harless was born on 5 September 1893 in Union City, Darke County, Ohio. He was the son of William Clarence Harless and Anna Elizabeth Thompson. Walter Earl Harless married Mary Margarette Thoba, daughter of William Thoba and Mary Alice Searle, 8 May 1915 in Greenville, Darke County, Ohio.

     Walter Earl Harless died 4 June 1970 in La Grange, La Grange County, Indiana.

Children of Walter Earl Harless and Mary Margarette Thoba

Tamla J. Wright

b. 14 March 1960, d. 6 May 2000
     Tamla J. Wright was born on 14 March 1960. She was the daughter of Joe Dean Wright and Anne Mader. Tamla J. Wright married Ricky Alan Harless, son of Robert Cecil Harless and Kathryn Julie Hearl, 20 October 1981 in Tarrant County, Texas.

     Tamla J. Wright died 6 May 2000 in Bristol, Washington County, Virginia.

Children of Tamla J. Wright and Ricky Alan Harless

Avis Rebecca Bias

b. 14 July 1926
     Avis Rebecca Bias was born on 14 July 1926 in Racine, Boone County, West Virginia. She married Basil Ray Harless, son of Benjamin Grady Harless and Squirley Dotson, 6 December 1947 in Racine, Boone County, West Virginia.

Children of Avis Rebecca Bias and Basil Ray Harless

Joe Dean Wright

     Joe Dean Wright married Anne Mader.

Child of Joe Dean Wright and Anne Mader